The Music Inside My Head


CD libraryWhen I worked a 9-5, every Friday I had to file a report of the week’s activities. I was production supervisor at a municipal government cable channel, working with a wonderful team of creatives – camera operators, editors, producers, graphic designers, reporters and talent. The work we did varied from video recording talking-head government officials and turning it into an informational spot or producing public service announcements or news programs and roundtable discussions; lots of writing and proof reading writing, voice over work, selecting music, etc. And it changed day-to-day, week-to-week; sometimes hour-by-hour.

The work was very involved and keeping records of our activities was extremely important. So on Fridays I pulled from my daily records and plopped the info into the appropriate sections of the report. Depending on what was going on that day, sometimes I did the report in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon. But always, the background music to my task was one CD: “The Seduction of Claude Debussy” by the Art of Noise.220px-Seduction_of_claude

The music fueled me. During the early stages of the report prep – the sorting through files – the music was a bit calm. But it turned energetic just when I needed it to – the data entry phase. And my momentum shifted; eyes darting back and forth, seeking and finding the needed information; fingers flying across the keyboard. “The Seduction of Claude Debussy” made me work fast.

That’s what music does for me lots of times. It guides my actions; helps get me through mundane activities  – from writing reports to the wonderful task of cleaning house (cough, cough). Or it delivers a message to my psyche.

I often wake in the morning with music inside my head. Sometimes the song is there immediately. Other times it takes a while to kick in, but it always comes. Not too long ago, I stared posting on Facebook the playlist of the Music Inside My Head, just to share… you know, because that’s what we do on Facebook. And several of my friends are also music lovers. Here’s a post from April 7, 2014:

Because the music inside my head puts itself on repeat (which can be a bit maddening, as it’s never the whole song but just a phrase or an instrument lick), I find I have to get it outside my head, into the real world. So, I pull the music from my CD library or call up the track(s) in my iTunes library or find it on Youtube, and make a playlist. It becomes the soundtrack to the start of my day.

Other times, music serves as my muse. One night a few years ago, it opened up the floodgates during a  l o n g stretch of writer’s block.

TaylorI’d stumbled upon the pianist Taylor Eigsti and his album “Daylight at Midnight.” I was mesmerized and immediately bought it on iTunes. I put that music on repeat and just sat and listened. The first track “Daylight” is a rolling piano, with drums kicking in mid-tempo, then the piano takes over to “sing” the melody and the track smooths out. Then kicks back in a bit harder. And it spoke to me.

I took in each of the 11 tracks and wrote about three poems in succession that night. One of those poems is “Perfect Note” (for pianist Taylor Eigsti)

born on a

piano player’s

broken wing

C note

partners with

E note

to catch the bass line

not perfect

being of man and all

but attached to life

there is nothing

but song to live by

in the middle of the night

when silence  and music meet

on a horizon


Albert Einstein said, “If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.”

That’s how it is for me too, Mr. Einstein. There’s usually music playing in my home, and I still work with music in the background, either from my library or Pandora. And of course, there’s the Music Inside My Head.

Have a great day. And take some music with you.

What does music do for you?


© 2014 Andrea Daniel

  1. That is beautiful!! “Note by Note”
    Thanks, I have the same feelings.

    • Thank you, Petronia. I know you’re a big music fanz

  2. I spend all day in my car and the day always goes much better when I remember to bring my iPod. I like to ease into the day with Eternal by Branford Marsalis (probably spelled wrong) and by noo I’m ready for Flight Time by Donald Bryd. I really like your blog, thanks for sharing

  3. Thanks, Shannyn. Flight time is good driving music. Thank you for reading the post and for your comment.

  4. Love this thank you for sharing. I write to music, I always have music playing in the car,in the house,during my walks. Music has always been an escape,I often listen to indie artist like Remy Shand love that cd, Miles Davis, monk,to name a few. I am going to check out those cds you mentioned great blog thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Dale. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting. Music is just one of those things that’s good to work to, isn’t it? I’m not familiar with Remy Shand, so I’ll check him out.

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