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Someone recently asked me about my process for writing poems. The answer? It varies. It may be something I hear on the radio while driving that makes me pull over and write down an idea, or the lines of a poem. A picture may strike me in a particular way, like the time I saw a lovely picture in a magazine of a swamp filled with Cyprus trees reflecting in the water (I wish I still had it so you can see what I mean). The picture caused me to write the poem Blue Beauty. Oddly, the poem turned out to be, not about what I actually saw in the picture, but about a man’s reaction to an interaction with a beautiful woman – all from my imagination. I’m not quite sure how it turned from trees to a woman, but the point is, the trees were the muse.

Lots of times, poems are born out of anger or hurt and sorrow.  U.S. Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey’s book “Native Guard” is dedicated to the memory of her late mother. In it, she pours out several moving poems about her mother’s life, and death. There’s an abundance of poems under the themes hurt, sorrow, sadness. But sometimes, you want something different; something on the lighter side. Recently, as I was preparing to guest host the radio show I produce – Michigan Literary Network Radio on – I ran into a small dilemma. Since it’s National Poetry Month, I was looking for a poem by some of my favorite poets to read over the air. But all I was finding were poems that were either too long or too sad or too long and sad. They were lovely poems, but I kept saying to myself, “I want a happy poem today.” Then the lines of this poem “For Today” faded into my head like text on a screen…


let’s be a

happy poem


kissing the sun

smack dab


the lips

and not get


(c) 2014 Andrea Daniel

That was just a little taste of the poem. Want it in full ? If you have time, click the player to hear it. (Or if the player is glitchy, you can hear it on Soundcloud:

Enjoy! Then, if you’re a poet or a fellow creative or a business person, even, tell me what strikes your creativity?

Thanks for stopping by.

(P.S. This is only my third time blogging. Yay! I’m still learning the ins and outs of it. I had initially inserted a picture, but for some reason, in the transfer to publish, ONLY the picture would show and not the whole post. Boo! The pic is included as a separate post – For Today 2.  So if you notice inconsistencies or ways I can improve, feel free to drop me a line. Thanking you in advance.)


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  1. Beautiful.

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